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Sonya “Missy” Vance

Sonya Missy Vance


There is nothing more powerful than the mind. A person’s heart is controlled only the mind. What information is received through the ears is transported straight to the brain and held there. From there, one is able to conceive a thought, which in turn creates a feeling.

The words cancer had to enter Missy’s ears first and then travel straight to her brain and from that, her brain reported to her heart. Ok. Missy, what do you feel?

Feeling=an emotional state of reaction

What do you feel Missy? At that time, several feelings erupted within the heart trying to situate itself upon only one, yet several sprawled out of control all at once. The thoughts of MyMy, my daughter, what will happen with her, I will have to be strong for myself as well as for her because God gave her to me, I am her mother. My job is to protect her, so what about her? How will I do this?


The thoughts of Wooder, my mother, who gave birth for me, what will I say to her, that’s more strength I will need in order to endure this. What should I feel then?


Missy had several feelings to choose from: defeat, gladness, misery, triumph, depression, joy, sadness, happiness, anger, perseverance, resentment, and strength. But Missy threw them all down and decided to choose nothing but LOVE.

She continued to laugh, she continued to say whatever she desired with no filter because that’s exactly what made us love her! She didn’t change…she didn’t change.

She continued to be mean, yet she was witty. Despite what you felt, she said how she felt and that was that, but it was just fine because that’s why we loved her!


Missy chose love. With love nothing goes wrong. She knew that. Missy chose the feeling of love. Seven years of unconditional unmeasurable love. Love that can not be measured by a ruler, a measuring cup, or any mathematical equation. Missy chose love by focusing on her family being with us whenever possible. Love that MyMy felt more than anyone and love that Wooder will keep with her forever. A thought is conceived through words which are received by the ears and seven years ago, Missy heard words that could have defeated her and taken her into despair, but Missy: Mean, beautiful, Witty, Funny, witty, and full of laughter. Missy: a wonderful mother, a devoted daughter, a sister, and a tremendous friend chose love out of all the feelings in the world to feel.


Missy chose this one-LOVE-because it is the best one to FEEL!

February 29th, 1972-May 16th, 2015


What’s Your Purpose?

Don’t Die before you are Dead


The energy emitted from your presence is indicative to how alive you are internally. Some of us are among the walking-dead, slowing trying to attack or victimize others who are desperately holding on to a smidgen of life. People who have died years ago have lost their purpose for living on this earth. The secret is there is not one set purpose for being created or living! You were placed here to make a purpose for yourself. Procreation is only a partial reason for living and the other half God said make a way!


Yet only a few take on the charge of searching, risking, finding, and exploring out of fear of failure or disappointment; therefore, some of us settle before its too late, die before we are dead, and loose before we lost. What’s your purpose?


Killer Legs! Pilates is for You Too!

Pilates is for you too!!



This is a video for women who have never experienced Pilates but have the desire to try it. It’s a great video because her moves are precise, although the video is three years old. Pay close attention to her breathing and how straight her legs are during the lengthening process, or strengthening of the core. It is hard for beginners, and you will be somewhat sore the next day, but its worth it!

Stretch the Body

For the prettiest, most toned and defined legs, every woman should try Pilates. Don’t be scared of all the white people in there or the weird hippie looking instructor. The class is open to black  women as well as white, however, you may be the only brownie in there!! Yet, very few of us seize the opportunity to get in touch with our inner core through the breathing and lengthening technique practiced while doing Pilates.

Until we learn to lengthen the body’s ligaments back to the body’s desired length, we will always appear hunched over, unevenly postured, or tight, but Pilates makes you aware of your posture when sitting, walking, and increases the mind’s awareness to body movement, control of breathing, and is relaxing and stress free.  I wish more black women would experience it, but as long as balance and flexibility is included in your weekly workout regime, its cool!

Hate that our sisters in black movies who practice Yoga or Pilates are always seen as the following:

The Dorky Chick who black men don’t find very attractive?

And white woman are portrayed as the sexy chick white men die for?

Jessica Alba
These are the subliminal messages media projects: Black women stay overweight, and white women work out…Even in movies with scenes of gyms, yoga, or working out, etc, black women are not there. And when we do receive a rare moment of black health in media, the black woman is usually very Europeanized or what some black people may call dorky, white-acting, or the type that would marry a white man? Just a thought!