What’s Your Purpose?

What’s Your Purpose?.


What’s Your Purpose?

Don’t Die before you are Dead


The energy emitted from your presence is indicative to how alive you are internally. Some of us are among the walking-dead, slowing trying to attack or victimize others who are desperately holding on to a smidgen of life. People who have died years ago have lost their purpose for living on this earth. The secret is there is not one set purpose for being created or living! You were placed here to make a purpose for yourself. Procreation is only a partial reason for living and the other half God said make a way!


Yet only a few take on the charge of searching, risking, finding, and exploring out of fear of failure or disappointment; therefore, some of us settle before its too late, die before we are dead, and loose before we lost. What’s your purpose?


Read To Remain Ignorant Not To Grow

Be carful what you read. It can limit your thinking to a point of restricted growth keeping you ignorant only to a limited set of beliefs or in contrast, it can broaden and expand your thinking to horizons you never dreamed possible leaving you in a small minimums population of people who think, behave, and understand others in such a way that majority of non readers may find your mental stability to be odd, strange, different, or plain out weird.

There’s nothing wrong with reading but a lot wrong with not reading something everyday. Yet, having the wrong literature in front your eyes can stomp your growth to the point that you may become ignorant to reality. Reading an array of literature is most likely the safest bet, and the better way of maintaining the slightest amount of sanity left after the digestion of junk and subliminal programming our brains are affected by daily.

Having read a plethora of literature, literature mainly on just life & living , an expansion occurred within that caused a great flow of awareness that If possible the wish would be for it to be erased.

Understanding has a limit and should be capped to prevent movies such as The Matrix, Lucy, & any other mentally challenged themed movie created to reach top billboards and receive high marks from critics, who themselves have exhausted their understanding to the point of no return.

It’s the books and wealth of knowledge that surround us-is about us/ that If studied carefully will reveal a reality that to the norm or majority of the world would be repulsive and offensive. Yet to avid readers these movies and philosophers, such as, Thomas Paine, Robert Greene, & Paulo Coelho recognized the shades of deception that are pulled down daily through media as well as through the many foot soldiers who know not their duty or mission.

In summary read but be careful of your selections! Set aside any prejudice or bias beliefs and read those things that keep you privy to the lies, so that you can become a foot solider as well! If you wish to live happily lay the books down…& choose a magazine on pop culture. The rest of us who choose to expand like Lucy, can never go back, and for that reason, it’s better to stay where you are programmed to remain.