Sonya “Missy” Vance

Sonya Missy Vance


There is nothing more powerful than the mind. A person’s heart is controlled only the mind. What information is received through the ears is transported straight to the brain and held there. From there, one is able to conceive a thought, which in turn creates a feeling.

The words cancer had to enter Missy’s ears first and then travel straight to her brain and from that, her brain reported to her heart. Ok. Missy, what do you feel?

Feeling=an emotional state of reaction

What do you feel Missy? At that time, several feelings erupted within the heart trying to situate itself upon only one, yet several sprawled out of control all at once. The thoughts of MyMy, my daughter, what will happen with her, I will have to be strong for myself as well as for her because God gave her to me, I am her mother. My job is to protect her, so what about her? How will I do this?


The thoughts of Wooder, my mother, who gave birth for me, what will I say to her, that’s more strength I will need in order to endure this. What should I feel then?


Missy had several feelings to choose from: defeat, gladness, misery, triumph, depression, joy, sadness, happiness, anger, perseverance, resentment, and strength. But Missy threw them all down and decided to choose nothing but LOVE.

She continued to laugh, she continued to say whatever she desired with no filter because that’s exactly what made us love her! She didn’t change…she didn’t change.

She continued to be mean, yet she was witty. Despite what you felt, she said how she felt and that was that, but it was just fine because that’s why we loved her!


Missy chose love. With love nothing goes wrong. She knew that. Missy chose the feeling of love. Seven years of unconditional unmeasurable love. Love that can not be measured by a ruler, a measuring cup, or any mathematical equation. Missy chose love by focusing on her family being with us whenever possible. Love that MyMy felt more than anyone and love that Wooder will keep with her forever. A thought is conceived through words which are received by the ears and seven years ago, Missy heard words that could have defeated her and taken her into despair, but Missy: Mean, beautiful, Witty, Funny, witty, and full of laughter. Missy: a wonderful mother, a devoted daughter, a sister, and a tremendous friend chose love out of all the feelings in the world to feel.


Missy chose this one-LOVE-because it is the best one to FEEL!

February 29th, 1972-May 16th, 2015


Preparing For Game



When playing, if you are too nice, you will fail. You’ll need to be made out of blackthorn to survive and learn to never take anything others do to you personally while playing. Let the Games Begin!

Rule #1: Get Hurt

If you are new to the game place yourself in a predicament to be hurt. If that means falling in love with an emotionally unavailable person or simply trying to obtain someone outside your league, do it. The purpose of this is to prepare you for the pain you’ll endure later on in the game. By allowing your vulnerablity to lead you, you will induce within yourself a feeling of pain and suffering that once experienced later on in the game will be of zero impact to your performance. You will condition yourself to be unaffected or immune to the feelings.

There will be a lot of people in the game who will play safe and avoid hurt and pain. These same people will be more like peacemakers, and if not careful, they can actually hurt you more than those who understand that feelings can’t be involved if trying to win. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice. The more pain and hurt you subject yourself to early on, the less likely you are to react irrationally. Having experienced much of it, one can become immune, which in the game is a necessity to have while dealing with people. If you avoid the feelings when they come, your reaction will unstable you. Your mind will become fogged with the thought of pain and slow you down. One must be able to take pain as well as inflict it upon others and keep it moving. It should not slow you down or weaken you.

By dealing with those who are masterfully skillful at inflicting pain on others, you will learn early on how much pain your body can endure. You will learn your strength here, but do not remain with these people. Simply use them to teach you, for long term exposure to them will defintely weaken your powers. Be sure to deal with them first when you start the game, for they will be your greatest teachers.

Rule #2: Make Mistakes

It is important to practice your emotional reactions on irrelevant sources. This should be someone you can afford to lose in the game or someone you can do without. A non-factor subject is needed here. Fuck-up, say the first things you feel, and watch how your mistakes make them respond. The point of screwing up at the beginning is to teach you the do’s and don’t’s of the game, such as: what a person will accept and will not accept from you. What is attractive and what is not attractive. You’ll learn very quickly what is accepted and unaccepted of the masses.

It is important to make mistakes in the beginning with the unimportant gamers because although they don’t matter, they are humans, and all humans are the same when it comes to emotions. So treat them as so. They can teach you how to manuever through the game and gain access to needed information by making yourself likable. If you aren’t careful about your selection of person to experiment with making mistakes, you could mess up and ruin an alliance that will be needed later on in the game, so choose your assliant wisely.

Rule #3: Treat Everyone the Same

Treat everyone the same. Don’t be impressed by anything others do for you or how they appear. It is important to understand this rule. Develop a philosphy in the game that shields even the nicest person from understanding your intentions. Adopt an “all people are the same philosphy,” and refrain from praising or worshipping any one person but remain loyal only to yourself.

The purpose of this rule is to ensure you will never decieve the only person who really matters in the game, you! Understand that no one in the game is better than YOU! Be careful because most game changers are aware of this rule and will attempt to persuade you through their appearances, words, or actions that you are less than they are. But hold fast and remember no one is more important than you so treat them all the same.

The best power that comes from understanding this rule is you get to choose how you will treat these people, for if you have high expectations for yourself, its simple when treating others the same. Treat them less than you and expect nothing.

Rule #4: Expect Nothing, Accept Everything This rule is important because if you misuse this rule, you’ll have to start over! Lose a life. Now, you may have to start over a few times before mastering this rule because its a difficult one to accept. When dealing with people, it is best not to hold them to your standards or expectations, but rather place people below them by only accepting what they offere/give but never expect anything.

In this game, people have choices and no one has to do anything! Remember that no one has to help…you are alone in this game, so once the expectations are placed upon them, disappointments are surely to follow. Place expectations only on you because at the end of the game, this rule will be the one that keeps you alive or creates certain death. The purpose of this rule is to keep you focused and alive at the end. Giving too much of your life-line to others will defeat you. You must learn to expect nothing but accept everything with gladness and gratitude no matter how grand or small the gesture, yet remain loyal to your own true self and never let your standards fall.

Rule #5: Tribute: Be Honest with Yourself

Never lie to yourself. Once you’ve been hurt, fucked-up, felt pain, and expected too much from people who weren’t able to prvide, one must remember the feelings that accompanied those experiences. By carrying that bag around throughout the game, you’ll never lose. Whenever you find yourself unsure, lost, or confused about a situation in the game or a peson, open the bag and remember your pain, happiness, redemption, and treat that situation with experience and treat that person generally.

No one is more important in the game than you and by being honest, you never decieve number 1. This rule doesn’t mean placing past experiences on new experiences, but more so understanding what a particular person is or how a certain situation will end, if you respond this way or that. And remembering the feelings you felt when previously encountered with a similar experience. Its more about understanding what a person is, can, will, and may do, and using the equipment your teachers have equip you with to win the battle.

The purpose of this rule is to prepare you to trust yourself more and others less. By doing this you grow into the indestructible person you’ve always been. Its a POWER that few possess, so be sure to understand yourself, your weakness, and strengths before stepping into the game. If you don’t, you’ll start over and the game will have to teach you the hard way. Try to be a winner out the gate because too many do-overs will make you appear small, weak, and incompetent. If you appear too weak or wounded, you’ll be easy prey and be subjected to severe pain and disappointment.

The End:

Life, Success, and People are all part of a game. The game of Life. If your heart is in anything, you’ll possess the five rules naturally, but understanding the five rules is simply liberation of the mind. Liberating the mind in order to win.

Understanding that no one is more important than you, expect only from yourself, make several mistakes, allow yourself to feel pain and hurt, and never ever lie to yourself. Keep your feelings close and lead with instinct. Keeping with this thinking is a success route to conquering oneself.

Some of us have been fed a bad pill that has long-term affects, but despite the swallowing, there is a remedy to rid oneself of the side-effects. Becoming concisious and aware of having swallowed the pill is the only remedy needed to win the game. Seeing the reality of the world and the people in it creates in you a sense of POWER. Power that is never sad, hurt, disappointment, and never loses.