The Camera Chasers and The Camera Chases!

The Camera Chasers &…

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Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jessie Jackson please stop chasing the camera. Please demonstrate when lights are off and publicity is silence. If Sharpton and Jackson were providing the black community with the correct leadership and teachings while cameras were off, several of our black men and women would still be alive. I can only imagine that Sharpton and Jackson were sitting home for the last few months awaiting the next brother to be shot so that they may get their shot at fame!

We only here from these brothers when the black community is suffering rather than hearing or seeing their contributions during the calm before the storm. We can only ask our self whether or not their character is credible. It saddens me to see the black community rally behind camera chasers. Drama fuels their pockets and is the leading contributors to the success of their campaigns. Had these brothers’ hearts and fight been appropriately targeted, Ferguson, Missouri’s, police department would have been found out before the death of Michael Brown. Why did it take/why does it take a camera to wake Sharpton and Jackson up out their sleep? Where is the urgency?

Why aren’t Sharpton and Jackson sending our black brothers home from this protest and teaching them about their deposition or teaching them how to overcome incidents such as Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin? If the black community wants to win, why aren’t we being taught to be patient, fight silently with educating our mind, fight quietly so not to alert anyone to the allegiance forming amongst our people, and most of all, why aren’t they teaching our black people that the only way to win is through education! Is protesting all we can do? Can we not take our young black boys home, sit at the kitchen tables, and teach them how they will be perceived in this world and teach them how their disposition is already a threat even before they are 18 years old; therefore, they must conduct themselves in a fashion that will not only allow them to move through the system unharmed but also save their life!

Protesting is temporary and staged if nothing else! What we need is long-term influences that will not only save our people today or tomorrow but the next generation as well. Jessie and Al have the capability and enough support from the black community to not just follow the crowd but build the crowd even when no one is looking. Instead, Sharpton and Jackson look for ways to capitalize off the black community’s degeneration-rather than prevent, they persist.

The Camera Chases:


together    Malcolm & King  

Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Medgar Evans, Elijah Muhammad, Maya Angelou, Ida Bell Wells-Barnett, and even our own president, President Barack Obama performed and perform their duties to the black community whether the lights are on or off. Cameras love them because they aren’t working for popularity. All candid shots for them! Their vision and their purpose are simple, create and ingrain in black people: confidence, pride, education, and knowledge of what being black means when growing up in a white world.

medgar Evans

Fight when there seems there is nothing to fight about. Educate when it seems no new learning is needed. It is during these times that our influence on our young is most pertinent, not after the death, but fight and educate before the deaths occur.

imagesV3V7OOK4   Muhammad and King          

Cameras chased Malcom X even when he preferred to fight in the shadows. Cameras followed Martin Luther King Jr. even when he was eating. When have we ever seen a camera chase Sharpton or Jackson? These brothers could be walking right outside the CNN news station in Washington, DC, and not receive even a glance, because not only do they play to the gallery, but even white people understand that they are hoodwinking the black community into believing they care and can actually make a difference.

idaIda B.

Those who seek attention are seen as thirsty and hungry from starvation; Sharpton and Jackson understand that concept better than anything else; therefore, when there is a crisis in the black community, they put their shoes on and speed towards it. If their purpose was active before the shots were fired and the cameras rolled, they wouldn’t need to talk so loud, dress so pretty, or preach so much. Their works would be seen by the masses, as it has from our fallen heroes and those who continue to fight the battle with or without the cameras rolling.




Parents of Minority Children

Parents of Minority Children

Although segregation is illegal, there are still avenues for which it can persist, and education is one way the upper class can keep their children from being around minority students.s eligibility into Gifted and Talented Courses, College Prep courses, or technical department for help with understanding them.

What is Gifted and Talented?

Gifted and Talented program is for kids who score a 665 or above in English (depending on your state). And for math the numbers differ as well. Check your state department of education website to determine which test your state administers and what guidelines determine your child’s placement.The GT program is a great program because it inflates the student’s GPA placing them on a 5.0 scale verses a 4.0 scale. And in majority of GT classes there is a maximum of 2-3 minority kids. 3:28…Be aware that state test are only administered 3rd-8th grade, depending on your state again, but after middle school, whatever performance your child received 3RD-8TH will pretty much determine rather he or she will be placed on the diploma track or the drop out track. This track prepares them for their final exam called HSAP or depending on your state, the test that gives them their diploma.

Seventh grade is the worst grade and the hardest for kids, but school districts use this peak point to determine your child’s placement into GT courses, if he or she is not already considered GT.Depending on your child’s test results, your son or daughter may be placed in a lower class with less rigor and with fewer expectations placed on the students. These classes are created and full of minority students reading below their grade level: For example, an eighth grader with a reading lexile of 502 places him or her on a third grade reading level, yet the state expects him to pass the eighth grade state exam. But the main question is how did he get to the eighth grade?

12 years for nothing!

Unfortunately, the grading system is based off the teacher’s expectations and not the state department; therefore, there have been instances where a child can be in the 10th grade but can’t read or comprehend 10th grade text or materials. In the same instance, the child will go 12 years of grade school and on graduation day, he or she will receive a certificate for participating in grade school but no diploma. Sad! The grades don’t matter, the test matters! These classes are usually full of behavioral problems. Kids who don’t understand, act out…and they are usually given to a teacher who hasn’t figured out how to help them understand or care to help them understand

Many times, our minority students will be the coolest and best athletes in the school, but underneath the surface, most of our kids can’t comprehend what they read, which leads to them making poor decisions. The more they read the better they become at making inferences, which means being able to decipher or decode things in the world, which helps to make a general conclusion by using evidence to support. Our young black boys struggle with reading and comprehending anything that doesn’t deal with a sport or entertainment, and if parents aren’t aware of the destruction they create by only supporting their child on the field but neglect them in the classroom, our minority kids will continue to be behind and struggle with understanding, not only academically, but socially out in the real world.

Learn your child academically not just physically or socially. Read your child’s test scores and conference with your child’s school principal to decide if your child is rightfully placed or would benefit from more of a challenge.Parents, your work is not over, it has just began. Don’t allow your child to be promoted consistently, when you know he or she has a deficiency in reading, only to be let down on his or her graduation date.

Drea Yaya

Disposition kills Black Boys!

Your Disposition Can Save Your Life


Disposition=a person’s inherent qualities of mind and character ~Webster

Why are young black boys murdered more than white?     Disposition

Why are black men usually characterized as thugs, criminals, or gang members?  Disposition

Why when asked to describe a criminal, most children create a picture of a black man?Disposition

Why do black boys receive unfair treatment and judgment from teachers?  Disposition

The disposition created by the black community is not entirely the blame for the deaths of our black brothers, nor is to blame for the mistreatment they receive, but it is a contributing factor to why society, which is ruled by majority white, views them as a dangerous.

Not to say that brothers who understand the stigma that dreads, gold teeth, slacking pants, or a cool sexy walk emits to society are not subjected to racist or prejudiced treatment, but the effects are not as deadly!

White people fear a black man’s disposition because they don’t understand it; therefore, they fear it!

“People fear what they can’t understand,” ~Joseph Merrick

And the black man who understands the position placed upon him to either adjust his cultural influence, which means altering his disposition to alleviate the stress and fear his just BEING places in the white race, or simply become a victim of society is normally criticized by his own race for being a sell-out or punk.

If a brother Europeanizes his disposition/character, he will be more acceptable to whites, thus allowing him to move up the success ladder and obtain those things otherwise forbidden to him.

If a brother rejects this option and prefers to remain comfortable in his own skin, feel free to culturally express, and rather than reject but embrace his being black, his being will become stigmatized, targeted, and therefore become a victim of his society.


I have no idea which is the smartest route for our black brothers but two things: If he adjusts his disposition to appear less manly or more Europeanized, he will be accepted, yet still lose!

If he refuses to adjust, his chances of being imprisoned, killed, accused, or discriminated against increases by 75%.

Unfortunately, in order to live a successful life and provide highly for their kids, most brothers have to play the part of wearing TWO FACES!

fanfrantz fannon

Click here for the book! Its Great!

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Killer Legs! Pilates is for You Too!

Pilates is for you too!!



This is a video for women who have never experienced Pilates but have the desire to try it. It’s a great video because her moves are precise, although the video is three years old. Pay close attention to her breathing and how straight her legs are during the lengthening process, or strengthening of the core. It is hard for beginners, and you will be somewhat sore the next day, but its worth it!

Stretch the Body

For the prettiest, most toned and defined legs, every woman should try Pilates. Don’t be scared of all the white people in there or the weird hippie looking instructor. The class is open to black  women as well as white, however, you may be the only brownie in there!! Yet, very few of us seize the opportunity to get in touch with our inner core through the breathing and lengthening technique practiced while doing Pilates.

Until we learn to lengthen the body’s ligaments back to the body’s desired length, we will always appear hunched over, unevenly postured, or tight, but Pilates makes you aware of your posture when sitting, walking, and increases the mind’s awareness to body movement, control of breathing, and is relaxing and stress free.  I wish more black women would experience it, but as long as balance and flexibility is included in your weekly workout regime, its cool!

Hate that our sisters in black movies who practice Yoga or Pilates are always seen as the following:

The Dorky Chick who black men don’t find very attractive?

And white woman are portrayed as the sexy chick white men die for?

Jessica Alba
These are the subliminal messages media projects: Black women stay overweight, and white women work out…Even in movies with scenes of gyms, yoga, or working out, etc, black women are not there. And when we do receive a rare moment of black health in media, the black woman is usually very Europeanized or what some black people may call dorky, white-acting, or the type that would marry a white man? Just a thought!







Big Booty Syndrome

Big Booty Syndrome

big butt 2

It is in every video, on every magazine cover, and every man’s mind right now as we speak-Miss thick and Juicy or Miss big booty Judy!

Walk into any Sports Club, gym, or YMCA, and count the number of black females working out. The number can probably be counted on one hand. Some may call it a superficial thing, but to men, it is a must-have on their list of what makes black woman attractive.


The  first problem with the big booty syndrome in the black community is that the women assume having a big butt also means allowing other parts of her body big as well. The next problem with the big butt syndrome is a black man’s obsession with it, which often leads black women to become overweight. And sometimes, that obsession will most often cause him to overlook other things that signal unhealthy in a woman.

anythign for that ass                                             big butt s

Even school age girls worry that they are too skinny or not “thick” enough to gain a boy’s attention. What this syndrome has created in society is an overweight generation of big butt big black women. Most of us rarely work out, walk, or even practice healthy eating habit. While some want to lose the weight, most don’t see it as a concern, until high blood pressure, heart-failure, and the most popular among blacks, diabetes threatens their quality of life.


injections              imagesY5UVT540

Big Butt syndrome also leads to butt injections!

I wish more of us would put our energy on losing the big butt rather than maintaining unhealthy weight in an effort to appeal to men. What woman will find is in her effort to improve her quality of life by beginning an aerobic and anaerobic program is that her butt will actually begin to look like a butt instead of just a bigger part of her already too big body.

no butt

Not THIS….but

Black men have the power to turn this syndrome around by not accepting every big butt that turns them on, but in essence, transfer his attraction to what looks healthy. Big butts exist in healthy women, but a man has to be willing to accept smaller parts of her body as well.

fit                      images8C2V0LIX                                          images6M4AE5LI

For more information on black women health please follow the link below:


Drea yaya




What Makes Men Attractive?



What Makes Men Attractive?

The prettiest sight captured this week was a tall brown brother walking into the theatre with his two sons. Now sure, we may see that all the time, but this brother was with his kids, not his kids with him. He was talking to them about the James Brown movie and what they were expecting to see (in the line for popcorn). He laughed with them, paid for the popcorn and drinks, grabbed both of them by the shoulders, and LED the way! It was something about this brother. It was something about him being with his kids and not his kids with him.

“It is a wise father that knows his own child.” ~William Shakespeare

The most attractive of them all has to be the brother who takes care of his kids. Whether married, divorced, separated, or single, watching a brother interact with his son or daughter is priceless and extremely attractive.  It is attractive to black women or any woman because it is a rarity. It is the wish of all women black and white. And the ones who possess this attribute, usually married or been married, never last long on the market, for his character is of high demand!

“The Greatest Gift I ever had came from God; I call him Dad!” ~Anonymous

Sure, kids are sometimes with their fathers, but when are fathers with their kids? It takes a special type of man to be around his kids verses his kids around him. It’s fairly easy to detect when a brother is forced to have them verses one who finds enjoyment in watching his flesh and blood grow, learn, and laugh. When a brother is forced to be with his kids, it becomes a show rather than genuine love and as nurturing creatures, most women sniff it out fairly quickly, but black girls have no clue, for they only see surface level brothers! It takes a woman to notice it.

“A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything” ~Malcolm X

Men who aren’t fathers to their children still manage to have relationships? Simply put, some females’ attraction has nothing to do with his kids, his being a father, or him being a man, which is odd because he will always be those things, but more so to do with her personal need and her personal ideas of what makes a man a man. We as women sometimes get psyched out with the surface-level brother, the brother who knows how to work the art of attraction, which sometimes may mean him exploiting his kids for attention. Anything on the surface can be wiped away. The physical can change, the status can change, the job can change, and the money can change, but character stands always.

“I talk and talk and talk, and I haven’t taught people in 50 years what my father taught by example in one week”   ~Mario Cuomo

It is true, the physically unattractive brother can easily become attractive by simply being a father, and any woman who finds that to be untrue is basing her attraction off that which will fade. Sadly, one would think that if black brothers knew this information, there would be an increase in two-parent households and single dads, but some of our brothers view their seeds as hindrances or burdens that only slow them down. It couldn’t be anything further from the truth. Watching a MAN give to his children that which is not only monetary expresses to a woman that the man is able to sacrifice, learn, grow, and give to the ones he love something most priceless, abstract, and unchanging, which in this world is difficult to find in any person.

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” ~Sigmund Freud

Just an observer, but I have never found a man with his kids unattractive, despite all other things. Never!

“When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry!” ~Yiddish Proverb


Drea yaya