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Our Black Girls…

Our Black Girls…


If it’s not their skin pigment, it’s their hair, or their self-awareness of what society identifies as beautiful or not. Our black girls feel that their hair is never quite long enough or their skin not quite fair enough to identify themselves as beautiful; therefore, as parents of young girls, it is imperative that we tell our young women how beautiful they are and how wonderful they are just as they are! Although, we hint or allude our thoughts to our young women, saying it regularly is a necessity that our young women should hear daily.

When is the last time, you told a young black girl that she was absolutely beautiful?  If we don’t tell them and reinforce it, we can’t wait for society to step up and do it. It’s obvious that we’ll never make black beauty an important enough topic world-wide because what is viewed and accepted as beautiful in America is white.  Our girls are told through movies, videos, commercials, and beauty pageants that black women have a difficult time appealing to this invisible man-made societal belief that black women aren’t in the rankings of being the Most Beautiful Women Alive! Yet we are!

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Our skin tones vary in such that we fall between Praline Cream to Chocolate Velvet, but all we see is light skin and black. We have the body shape that all women from Brazilians to Irish go under the knife to achieve! We have strong dominated features that pronounce our presence in this world as Queens. Along with our outstanding attributes, we hold a strength that only we as Black women possess and can never be reproduced by any other.

All this is true, yet so very few gravitate towards the belief that they are beautiful.  What is seen instead is what society has labeled as beautiful. We have been taught to undermine those features that make us beautiful in order to suppress our security and confidence. Imagine if all black women knew the secret that they are absolutely beautiful?  Degrading oneself would stop, chasing men would stop, feeling insecure or needy would stop, and most of all, we’d stop looking for a man to validate or ensure that we exist because everything we need is already embedded within ourselves.

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And little black girls would feel confident enough to walk around understanding that their skin is marvelous, their presence is intimidating, and that other women study their very being in an attempt to clone something that is either innate or not.


Little white girls are told they are beautiful everyday just by turning on the television or watching a movie, while our girls are rarely and scarcely ever portrayed as beautiful!  So the charge for today and everyday henceforth, is to remind every black girl contacted that she is absolutely gorgeous and to be proud and confident enough to show it!



What Serene Williams Means to Black Women?


What Serene Williams Means to Black Women?

If you ask any black girl to name a famous black female athlete, they will more than likely say Serene Williams! And today, Serene won her 18th Grand Slam in New York, at the US Open, against Caroline Wozniacki!

What does she represent for black girls? She represents Confidence, Hard-work, and Dedication! If every black woman possessed those attributes within herself, they too can receive:

$4 MILLION Dollars and an 18 karat gold bracelet!


I love this girl because she is relentless and inspiring. Her dedication to the game of tennis corroborates the idea that WE truly can do anything WE put our mind’s too!

Congratulations Serene Williams!


I too Believe!

Please read the full recap below!


`~Drea Yaya