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One Beautiful Girl

Sometimes young girls allow their insecurities to take over and lose their confidence in this world, by creating an attention-seeking mirage that not only pushes them to lessen their value towards others but lesson their worth even to themselves as well.

This is a highlight to all the beautifully-talented-young women who carry with them the belief that they are indeed beautiful and confident. These young ladies are culturally exposed and hold high accomplishments in either academics, extra-curricular activities, community involvement, disposition and or mannerism! They are chosen based off their ability to RISE against the expectations set by society for young minority females.

My goal is to spotlight these young women and share their attributes with other young ladies with the hope that other girls will become inspired and gravitate towards the truth that they too are beautiful, and the sky is truly the limit so why not fly!

These young ladies fly with their own wings to places unknown by most!

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So this month’s Beautiful Girl goes to Kiamya Philson! Here is my interview with Her.

What do you do to stay busy?
–In order to stay busy I participate in basketball and softball when the sports are in season and after school orchestras during those specific seasons. Other than those activities my schoolwork keeps me occupied, but when I have the occasional downtime I like to read to pass the time.

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Who is your inspiration and why?
–My inspiration would have to be my mom. I aim to be as well rounded and balanced in life as my mom. She’s such a hardworking and resilient woman, but she’s does this while being relaxed and confident in herself. She could easily be described as the life of the party wherever she goes, and it seems as if she makes a positive impact on everyone that she comes in contact with. I believe that she has instilled these qualities in me as I’ve watched over my lifetime. She is the reason that I have the determination and focus that I have and I am truly grateful for that. She is my biggest motivator and is always there to remind me that she loves me no matter what, especially in times where I didn’t think I did well enough. My mom inspires me to reach my goals in order to repay her for all that she has done throughout my life and to show that I honestly appreciate her.


What makes you different from other girls?
–I have a desire to expand my knowledge to a wide range of subjects. I think my love of learning makes me different from other girls. I like being in situations where I can benefit by learning a new fact or skill that I didn’t previously have. I don’t like not knowing something or someone telling me what I can’t do, so I try to learn as much as possible. I feel that you can never learn enough.

What makes you happy?
–It makes me happy when I have time to relax and have a good time with my friends. I have a group of friends that I can rely on and that have been with me for a long time. We have similar goals and work to encourage and motivate each other so that we can see each other succeed in the future. We keep each other on track, but keep things interesting.

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Are you confident in yourself?
What makes you confident or not?
–I am confident in myself and everything that I do. I know my strengths and weaknesses and this helps me work harder to go further in life. I work to maintain my strengths and improve my weaknesses so that I am the best I can be. I don’t let negative people or negative comments get in the way of what I want to do. I know that there will always be people that doubt you or don’t want you to succeed, and accept that I can’t change that, so the only thing left to do is prove them wrong.

Do you think you are beautiful?
How do you know you are?
–I do think that I’m beautiful, but my beauty is deeper than outward appearances. I have way more to offer than a pretty face. I work to have beautiful actions, beautiful thoughts, and an overall beautiful spirit that is valued by others more than my physical traits.

If you could tell another girl the secret to being confident, how would inspire her? What would you say or do?
–The secret to being confident is knowing your worth and ignoring those that try to keep you down. These people obviously aren’t going to get far in life because the majority of their energy is going into putting others down, and not building themselves up. The key is to not react because that would mean losing focus on the goal, which takes away valuable time that could be spent working to better yourself.

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What are some of your goals for the next 5 years?
–My major goals that I have for the next 5 years is to graduate high school as one of the top 10 in my class, get accepted and attend one of my top choice colleges and major in neuroscience. I know that these are very high goals, but I also know that I have the capability to reach them, and will do so no matter what obstacles arise.

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One word that summarizes you?!








Our Black Girls…

Our Black Girls…


If it’s not their skin pigment, it’s their hair, or their self-awareness of what society identifies as beautiful or not. Our black girls feel that their hair is never quite long enough or their skin not quite fair enough to identify themselves as beautiful; therefore, as parents of young girls, it is imperative that we tell our young women how beautiful they are and how wonderful they are just as they are! Although, we hint or allude our thoughts to our young women, saying it regularly is a necessity that our young women should hear daily.

When is the last time, you told a young black girl that she was absolutely beautiful?  If we don’t tell them and reinforce it, we can’t wait for society to step up and do it. It’s obvious that we’ll never make black beauty an important enough topic world-wide because what is viewed and accepted as beautiful in America is white.  Our girls are told through movies, videos, commercials, and beauty pageants that black women have a difficult time appealing to this invisible man-made societal belief that black women aren’t in the rankings of being the Most Beautiful Women Alive! Yet we are!

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Our skin tones vary in such that we fall between Praline Cream to Chocolate Velvet, but all we see is light skin and black. We have the body shape that all women from Brazilians to Irish go under the knife to achieve! We have strong dominated features that pronounce our presence in this world as Queens. Along with our outstanding attributes, we hold a strength that only we as Black women possess and can never be reproduced by any other.

All this is true, yet so very few gravitate towards the belief that they are beautiful.  What is seen instead is what society has labeled as beautiful. We have been taught to undermine those features that make us beautiful in order to suppress our security and confidence. Imagine if all black women knew the secret that they are absolutely beautiful?  Degrading oneself would stop, chasing men would stop, feeling insecure or needy would stop, and most of all, we’d stop looking for a man to validate or ensure that we exist because everything we need is already embedded within ourselves.

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And little black girls would feel confident enough to walk around understanding that their skin is marvelous, their presence is intimidating, and that other women study their very being in an attempt to clone something that is either innate or not.


Little white girls are told they are beautiful everyday just by turning on the television or watching a movie, while our girls are rarely and scarcely ever portrayed as beautiful!  So the charge for today and everyday henceforth, is to remind every black girl contacted that she is absolutely gorgeous and to be proud and confident enough to show it!